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Why Ashirvad??
Because quality matters.

SINCE 2016

We are a creative film, video production & Photography company based in India.

We are a creative film and photo production company hungry for quality in aesthetics. To create modern recognizable stuff we are working with a strong network of experienced professionals. We set up teams to shape your identity, push your idea and manage the workflow from pre- to post-production.


Let us be a part of your pre wedding emotion.
Wedding is a celebrated function where the name of a number of relationship changes. Once a Miss becomes Misses and a boy becomes a responsible husband. In this changing emotions, we present you with one of our exclusive service, the pre wedding shoot. We take to frame the romantic bonding between two partners who are ready to be the lawfully wedded man and wife. You can click a picture or two with your smartphone and save some of your cherished moments but a professional like us will let you live the moment so you don’t have to bother to engage with your phone. Ashirvad Entertainment has years of experience offering the required expertise to bring up all that it takes to portray the chemistry between couples.

The special moments will be remembered after a number of years. We offer to candid photography in any venue be it indoor or outdoor. We prefer sunny days to bring out the essence of the couple. There is nothing which can take the place of natural lighting, noteven the studio lights. We love incorporating innovative ideas to break away from conventional concepts and play with different angles and lenses. We look for client satisfaction and hence, go on taking shots till the couples are not gratified. You can get in touch with us at any time and be sure to get a proper answer to all of your queries. Let us be a part of your story and replenish our journey with a new phase.


Wedding is not the end, there is more to capture
Now as your marriage is over, you are all ready to enter a new phase of life. Let us capture the moments as you are moving on to adopt a new family and environment. There are many rituals performed after the wedding has completed. Your first entry to your ‘Sasural’, the ‘Bhaat kapor’ and the reception, nothing will get away from our view and we surely attend to all the activities and occasion. It will never feel that you are being captured and surrounded by professionals rather concentrate on the rituals. We will present your wedding story just as you had wanted while capturing all the emotions. You can be assured that you will get something which you have never seen before. Our perspective is completely different from others and with professional knowledge, we will work to capture the tradition in a different angle.

What a personal photographer to shot the best moments on your honeymoon? We have always been enthralled to undertake honeymoon pictures. The first journey with your beloved is quite exciting and in every project, we have perceived the same feeling. We can say that visiting a dream destination with your partner will give butterflies in your stomach and it gets definitely expressed in the pictures. Book us right now and be sure to be satisfied with our work. Our work is surely going to touch your soul.


The most auspicious occasion in anybody’s life is Wedding.
In a ceremony of tying the knots which is painted with colours of love, happiness and familial bonds Ashirvad Entertainment enlightens your journey adding tints of happiness to the wedding. In a wedding there are endless jiffs of gleeful moments, emotional ties and expressions of joy, Ashirvad Entertainment captures those spontaneous moments. Without any conscious posing on the part of the couple or their family members Ashirvad Entertainment have well equipped photographers to capture images that will immortalise moments. We will give you the most lively photographs that not only touches your heart but also speaks your soul. Our professional experts have their lens rolling all over the ceremonial events in the wedding to capture each unsolicited moment.

We aim to give a natural spontaneity to the photographs making each frame vivacious. Our photographs have an allegorical outlook which not only aims at presenting you with the wedding snaps but also renders the love between the couple capturing their most enigmatic chemistry. We do not consider photography for wedding ritual to be a professional inhibition, rather we take this work as a beautiful gesture to magnify the love of this ceremony. Ashirvad Entertainment puts the best of its efforts to paint gaiety for an everlasting span, even after months and years of the wedding the love and joy of the ceremony keeps speaking through the photographs. We will work our best to capture each moment from ‘haldi’ and ‘kanyadaan ‘to pheras’ and ‘garland exchange’, giving you the most naturally candid shots of a sacred marriage ritual.


The ‘Mukhe Bhaat’ has to be captured through our lens.
The birth of baby is a matter of immense significance to the parents as well as the entire family. The birth of a baby calls for a series of celebration, amongst it falls the rice ceremony. After six or seven months of the new born’s life, according to the hindu sastra there must be a reverent occasion to feed the child his first grains of rice. 

It is a special occasion for the family where we specialise capturing the most vibrant photographs in a light and natural frame. Building a close connection with the family and a happy playful relation with the child 


 Ashirvad Entertainment shoots the most adorable moments of the rice ceremony. From capturing the most innocent and playful shots of the baby to covering his/her apparel and actions we present you the most spontaneously adorable pictures of every emotion running through the event. We have excelled in the art of covering these important occasions delivering candid photographs within the desired budget.



Capturing corporate ties enhances your establishment.
Whether it’s a newly minted organisation or a finely established one, companies desire their name and brand to stand out. One of the best ways to achieve that end is having a record of well executed and highly professional photographs capturing company’s various professional events. Photography for a corporate party requires snapping the right moments which frames important professional exchanges of the event. Ashirvad Entertainment works towards developing new styles and approaches to click those needed angles in a corporate party which will enhance the company’s position and corporate records. 

We provide the best quality photographs for a professional event like corporate party keeping in mind every company’s respective requirements. People ground their professional decisions and corporate engagements upon visual information. Thus Ashirvad Entertainment aims at capturing effective visuals of a corporate party that helps capturing corporate client’s attention thereby boosting professional’s engagement in the company. We work to emulate the needed professionalism in a corporate event capturing quality photographs which our well-seasoned photographers are best capable of delivering and a mobilephone will not be able to take. Ashirvad Entertainment helps a company stand out amongst its clients enabling them to create the best of impressions through equipped photographs of a corporate party or event. We work to elevate the company’s position clicking for them the best professional photographs of their event or party.


ndividuals have all the right to be happy in their birthdays
Birthday is a significant event in every person’s life be it a child or an adult or an elderly person. Ashirvad Entertainment puts in the best of efforts to make birthdays special for the person concerned and his/her family members. It’s an event of much fun and joy where we try to capture and glorify its most jovial moments. If it’s a child’s birthday party we take much love in clicking candid photographs which the child will cherish later as his/her most loved memory. In birthday parties of an adult or an elderly person we work our best to make the concerned person feel happy and important even at a later age.

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For Bengalis, birthday is a special gathering of celebration where families meet amidst their busy schedule to enjoy the celebration. We have our lens roving all over the party to capture the presence of every member there. We have excelling photographers who master in the art of capturing best cake cutting shots. For familial events like birthday parties Ashirvad Entertainment works using natural lights and textures to deliver the most spontaneous, candid and happy shots that will remain a beautiful memory whenever revisited.

All of these moments are precious but it persists just in a jiffy and needs trained hands to frame forever. Ashirvad Entertainment vouches to take that one moment and click the best frame one can ever take.

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